Jan Bach Kristensen

Jan has a true passion for photography, traveling and anything that has to do with flyfishing. He is located in Copenhagen, and never misses a chance to visit near and far destinations with flyrod and camera in hand. In Denmark Jan mainly fishes the beautiful and varied beaches for sea-run brown trout, an all-year fishery with a long tradition. In autumn he often spends time in southern Sweden, hunting the big pike that inhabit the brackish waters of the shallow archipelagos. Jan's travels in pursuit of fish and beautiful locations have brought him to many interesting places. Some of trips that stand out have been for bonefish in Tobago and Venezuela, arctic char and coalfish in Norway, Atlantic salmon in Russia, yellowfin tuna and jack crevalle in Costa Rica, trout in New Zealand, tarpon and permit in Cuba, false albacore and dorado in Florida, monster redfish in Louisiana, asp in Germany and lately, giant tarpon in Central America. Through his travels Jan has become friends with flyfishermen around the world. Being just as obsessed with photography as with flyfishing, Jan documents his adventures with inspiring photographs that have appeared in a number of magazines and catalogs worldwide.

Jan has entered into filmmaking partnering with German photographer Daniel Göz. In 2010 they filmed an extraordinary movie dedicated to the pursuit of tarpon in a very remote and pristine location in Central America. Highlights of the movie are some crazy action footage of giant tarpon being hooked and landed from float tubes as well as camp life and wildlife in the rain forest and interaction with indigenous people in beautiful surroundings.

Jan holds a Ph.D. in biotechnology and when not out chasing fish or on a photo shoot he works with second generation biofuels as a research scientist.

For more information on Jan log on to: http://www.janbachkristensen.com

Daniel Göz

Daniel is a full time freelance photographer and filmmaker. He is based in Frankfurt.

Daniel has been traveling of the beaten path for nearly two decades. He traveled most of the Americas, East Africa and Asia.

His low impact travel approach lead to the discovery of unseen forms of flyfishing. In 2007 he discovered that fishing from float tube in very remote Central America was very successful. He was able to hook, fight and release giant tarpon fishing from the float tube. His photo work on this has received wide respect within the flyfishing world.

Daniel teamed up with Danish photographer Jan Bach Kristensen to create the now released film “tapam - a flyfishing journey”

Daniel is an accomplished freediver specialized in taking images of rare epi-pelagic animals, Daniel was the first to find a way to reliably photograph large free-swimming Atlantic blue marlin. To date his underwater image portfolio includes rare animals such as large free-swimming blue marlin, leatherback turtles and false killer whales.

Daniel’s stellar photography has been published in magazines, catalogs and various media worldwide. Daniel holds an M.Sc. in Geography

For more information on Daniel log on to: http://www.danielgoez.com